I'm an MFA graduate with experience in marketing and event strategy, partnership management, and community management. I have a strong interest in education, human-centered design, and travel. I thrive in collaborative, multidisciplinary work environments where innovation and creativity are valued.

I'm pretty good at ping pong, headstands, and cooking. Not so great at taking care of plants, standing up on surf boards, and face recognition. I love breakfast, road trips, and turbulence-free plane rides.

I can help you:

  • Learn more about how people use your product and how to identity opportunities for improvement
  • Boost engagement in your community of users
  • Manage detailed, large scale projects and events
  • Figure out who is likely to use your product and how to market to them (including those pesky millennials)
  • Develop messaging that is effective, on-brand, and empathetic
  • Establish design goals
  • Research what your competitors are doing to make sure you're a step ahead

Say hello at ellenmarieblack@gmail.com or holler on Linkedin